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Ask yourself, how valuable
is your health?

With decades of experience working with hundreds of clients across the globe, Lean Wellness has a dedicated team of experienced trainers waiting to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. We do not believe in a one size fits all approach to achieving results. We strive to help every individual find the best possible path on their journey to success. We can provide you with an approach that fits your lifestyle.

“I’ve lost almost 10kg,
plus stamina and
strength improvements”

Dani and Jason

What we offer

Lean Wellness One to One Personal Training


  • Bespoke plan

  • Convenient for busy lifestyles

  • Studio options

  • Body composition test

  • Nutritional support

  • Access to sports therapy and massage*

From £70 per class

Small group personal training

  • Live semi private 1-1 training

  • Detailed diet support

  • Assigned coach for full support

  • Accountability via WhatsApp groups, email and weekly call/zoom meeting

From £25 per class

Online Personal Training

Online coaching

  • Custom gym or home workout plans

  • Detailed diet support

  • Live 1:1 training options available via zoom or google meet

  • Assigned coach for full support

  • Optional app based home training sessions with video demonstrations

From £150 a month

Pre & Post Natal Fitness

Pre & Post natal personal training is an excellent investment to help you to prepare for childbirth and staying fit postpartum.

The 5 reasons WHY

Everyone has their own individual reasons for making changes to their health, body and fitness. Therefore, the team at Lean Wellness have put together the 5 WHYS, why we feel you will benefit from training with us.

1. Better quality of life

Exercise and good nutrition contributes to a healthy life, helps to prevent certain health conditions whilst also helping you to live longer. It can also improve vitality aiding in your ability to cope with the demands life throws at you. There are numerous mental, physical and social benefits to training with us.

2. Reduces stress

We have worked with many clients who have come to us doctor recommended, being told that they need to exercise to manage and prevent chronic illness from developing. With the correct nutritional guidance and exercise programme we can lower blood pressure, reduce your chance of developing heart disease, strokes and diabetes.

3. Change body composition

Dropping body fat and increasing lean muscle means a faster metabolism whereby you burn more calories at rest and whilst exercising. These changes are aesthetically pleasing and also help to delay age related muscle loss, making you less prone to injury.

4. Improves sleep

Sleep actually helps you to lose and manage a healthy weight whilst also improving your immune response. Strength training is scientifically proven to improve quality of sleep and lower the risk of developing serious health problems.

5. Increases energy

This one is for the busy professionals and hardworking mums out there. Most of us invest huge amounts of time and energy into our careers, but what good is this if you do not have your health?

What our clients say

My husband and I have been training with Lean Wellness for about six months. As a woman and an avid swimmer my fitness goals are quite different to my husband’s but the trainer has been able to create fun, challenging routines that help us both achieve our goals while training together. Following the nutritional & fitness guidance at Lean Wellness, I have lost nearly 10 kgs and am delighted with my more toned physique. Not only are the results you achieve amazing, but it is incredibly fun and motivating. We are always challenged to push past limits and achieve things we didn’t think were possible!

Dani & Jason, Hampstead

The team at Lean Wellness are very adaptable to your situation and to the time you have available. The trainers are friendly, motivational and professional. Each trainer brings their own unique approach to the sessions and their personalities will have your working harder than you thought possible. They make each workout challenging yet I still look forward to training with each person. I love the fact I can see different trainers offering me a varied training plan whilst also making me feel like I’m part of a health and fitness community. Thank you Lean Wellness for helping me change my health and fitness.

John, Hadley Wood

I’m 54 years old and the team at Lean Wellness have been training me in functional strength training for over 2 years. I can’t recommend them highly enough. They are extremely professional and knowledgeable in all areas of their field. They have encouraged me to achieve more than I ever thought or believed I could and as a consequence I am fitter and stronger than I have ever been. Our sessions are always a pleasure as the trainer is warm and friendly, adaptable to any health issues, and I am always left with a feeling of accomplishment.

Emma C, Virtual Client

I was struggling to lose weight post pregnancy and wanted to get stronger to be able to carry my son. Over the last five months my pre and post natal trainer has helped me achieve both of those goals. Sessions are always varied and aimed at meeting my goals. I love training virtually! Doing virtual sessions makes it so much easier to fit around my work and being a mum. I can log off my laptop and be training with my coach within five minutes. Straight after, I then go and pick up my son. Lean Wellness also helped me by giving guidance on what to eat and how to get more protein into my diet. I couldn’t recommend them enough!

Kathryn L, Virtual Client

The team at Lean Wellness have helped me achieve weight loss of over 20kg in under 6 months and has helped me tone up with fantastic results beyond my expectations. They helped me turn my life around, renewed my attitude towards fitness and strength and taught me about nutrition and diet whilst structuring a bespoke training plan for me that’s getting results. My trainer is incredibly professional, energetic and dedicated and she makes our sessions fun, innovative and challenging. Couldn’t recommend them enough – they are magic!

Ali M, Muswell Hill

I’ve recently started personal training with Lean Wellness, who have been working with my husband for the past year and has brought about a complete transformation in him.

He could not stop recommending their skills and I have to say he was right. They combine a deep knowledge of training methodologies and nutrition to help people achieve their fitness goals. They listen to what you would like to get out of the program and then tailors it to your needs and pace, really bringing the “personal” element into each training session.

I find they are also very adaptable to your situation and to the time you have available. Their friendly, motivational, and professional personalities will have you working harder than you thought possible. They make each workout challenging, so that you are stretched to your limit. I look forward to working with them further and to bringing about a change in my health and fitness.

Shahana M, Muswell Hill

Lean Wellness provided me with an extremely passionate personal trainer who will literally take everything into account, such as checking on my diet daily, focusing on training, motivating a client to maintain a healthy lifestyle outside of the gym which suited me extremely well having sat at a desk for 8 hours a day. She helped me to tailor my diet in a safe, healthy way which enabled me to stay fuller for longer and minimise my cravings when snacking.

This company is passionate, genuine, and above all, willing to work with clients no matter what their situation is; they will always find a way to help.

Nirvana T, Crouch End

The expertise and guidance they provided through my strength training sessions have been amazing. Also their own bespoke high intensity circuit training methodology has directly impacted my cardio vascular health and overall fitness levels.

The consistent updates and redesigning of my sessions keeps me progressing consistently. Their nutritional expertise has improved my diet and has led to drastic improvements in daily life which has been directly reflected recently in my blood test results. I have seen a significant reduction in my cholesterol and blood sugar level profiles since I started training at Lean Wellness.

Sham S, Arkley

How we can reach you

Small group personal training

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    London NW4 3JH

Mobile personal training

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  • Hadley wood

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Online personal training

A tailored online personal training experience, anytime and anywhere around the globe.

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